Happy New Year (And Hello)

Welcome to my New Year’s resolution!

This blog marks my sixth blogging attempt, the second “hello world” post for Like My Coffee, and my first time self-hosting. I started my first blog at the age of fifteen with a lot of opinions and things I thought needed to be said, but unfortunately the same internet skills as Michael Scott. Oh, how times have changed! Now I have an endless list of things i KNOW don’t need to be said that I plan on saying anyway, and I’m about as good at internet marketing as Ryan Howard.


Don’t worry if you didn’t get my references from the Office. You’ll catch up.

I keep finding myself coming back to blogging, and I want this year to be the time I stick with it.  And you know what they say: The things that keep you up until 1am after an eight hour closing shift when you have the flu are not random, they’re your calling.

So I might have tweaked that quote a bit to fit this situation, but you get the idea.

So friends, there you have it, a NyQuil induced welcome post on a shiny new blog. I will be posting new content every Friday, starting this week. I want to share the stumbles and successes of my 20s with a community who might be going through the same kind of stuff. I’m excited for the content and experiences this coming year is going to give me and I hope you follow along!


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