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In lieu of a full post this week I’ve been working on the behind-the-scenes stuff on the blog. Because I didn’t want to completely forgo posting altogether I thought now would be a good time to share a little bit about me.

I don’t think there’s enough honesty on the internet. Or, I guess, there’s plenty of honesty but we get so choosy with what we want to show the world that sometimes we lose track of ourselves.

My honesty for today: Sometimes I forget who I really am. I get so caught up in Pinterest projects and perfectly posed Instagram photos that I try my hardest to someone I’m not. I’m confident and happy but sometimes the only thing for me do to is make a list (God knows I love lists) of who I am and it brings me back down to reality. I also think this is a good way for you to get to know me. So here goes

  • LISTS!
  • Snuggles with my cute boyfriend when I haven’t seen him in ages
  • Singing loud when I’m alone in my car
  • Analyzing TV commercials to the point of annoying everyone in the room
  • Traveling to cool places
  • When you go to a concert and a piece of your heart attaches to that music forever
  • The first sip of coffee or tea – when it’s so hot it burns the roof of your mouth
  • TV shows that make you laugh and cry and get angry and feel all kinds of feelings (that’s a whole other list)
  • Finishing a project and moving to another
  • How clear your head is after a good yoga class or weight lifting session
  • Rainy farmers markets
  • Breakfast dates at greasy diners and brunch at fancy hotels
  • Trying new coffee in new cities because it makes me feel like a local (also coffee)

Instead of getting bogged down in social media today, I encourage you ground yourself by writing a little list of your own. Since I have been writing this post during one of my lecture classes I probably should stop there, but I hope you find something worth writing about today.

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