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If you go look at any of my early posts you’ll see how optimistic I was about my ability to write every day. Unfortunately, I haven’t been in a super great place in the last few months and my 2008 emo side tends to come out in my writing when I’m got doing good. I promise I’ll chat about what was going on in a later post, but today is not the day for that.

Spoiler Alert: Anxiety is a bitch.

So yeah, another thing you’ll see in my earlier posts was that I wanted to focus on writing about love this March. I like focusing on love this month instead of around Valentine’s Day because my dating anniversary with my boyfriend is on the 26th. Yes, that is today. I like taking the entire month to reflect on where we are and to grow my relationships with friends and family as well. Unfortunately, I’m writing this first post on our seventh anniversary on the floor with my dog because Lane had to work all weekend. This means we will be spending yet another important weekend apart (in case you don’t know, I’m currently in a long distance relationship, which I will write about here). Anyway, I’m going to churn out several posts in the next couple days about things that have been on my mind lately. I’ll try and link them all in the bottom of this post!





Started from the bottom now we here

On the left you will see Lane and I as 8th graders on our very first date. Look how long my jeans were. Look at my tote bag that says, “chilling with my gnomies.” I carried that. What I’m wearing in that photo was actually my favorite outfit. Seriously.

Sorry, I just can’t get over that.

So that was my first date with my first boyfriend, and now I’m somehow still going on dates with that same boyfriend talking about where we’ll move after graduating college and when we want to get married. I’m so overwhelmed when I think about that. I honestly have no idea how I got so absurdly lucky that I picked the right guy on the first try. What started as just an eighth grade friendship Lane and I grew up together in a way I don’t think many people have the chance to. We were together through everything from driver’s permit testing to college applications and now here we are thinking about careers. The two of us became best friends first and he’s still my best friend today. To me, that is kick ass.

Unfortunately not everyone agrees with me. Almost exactly a year ago a family friend told me, “you and Lane should take a break so you can play the field. You are young, why would you commit yourself to one person now.” I’ve heard those words countless times from friends, relatives, teachers, and strangers. People were always convinced we were too young or too different or that we live too far apart. But to question the entire existence of another person’s relationship is incredible to me. Why on earth would I sacrifice the most important person in my world for some kind of experiment? How could there be anyone better than the person that has held my hand, laughed at my jokes, comforted me when I cried, supported my crazy goals, and stood by my side for the last seven years? The person who was with me through every friendship drama, body image breakdown, bad day, good day, and life decision since I was a freshman in high school. The person who I changed and grew up with but never let me forget that I was valuable.

Yeah, no, I think I have a pretty sweet deal, thankyouverymuch.

So there you have us on the right, best friends and happy as ever. Lane likes to remind me that if our relationship were a person they would be in second grade, which I think is equal parts weird and awesome. Get ready more posts about my relationship in the next few days. I’m equal parts giddy and emotionally exhausted right now, which is the perfect recipe for writing!

Have a beautiful, sunny Easter, loves. Thanks for reading!

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