Kauai, Hawaii

So I figured I should probably post about my last vacation before I leave on my next one in three days. Since I obviously don’t remember every last detail of my little getaway to Kauai two months ago, this post will have a lot of pictures.

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To be entirely truthful, I barely remember anything about Kauai because I was insanely stressed out until around the last day of our trip. Between still being wound up from spring term, summer classes that had just started, a new job starting the same day I got back it’s safe to say that having a relaxing week with my awesome boyfriend and family was not the number one thing on my mind.

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I’m also not at all used to island travel. Every vacation I have ever taken has been fast-paced and planned out to a T with careful itineraries in order to see every possible sight. Going to Kauai, we basically booked a flight and a condo and everything afterword depended on our mood that day. That meant waking up slow, watching the ocean, and making our way to the beach by 10 or 11. Writing about this while on my lunch break at work makes the whole thing sound lovely, but at the time I was just filled with so much anxiety about every single thing I could be doing instead. I felt claustrophobic. I felt overwhelmed. I was anxious about how anxious I was and wanted desperately to enjoy my trip.

Then on one of the last days something just kind of clicked.

Kauai Rainbow

About halfway through our hike up to Uluwehi Falls, I realized that kayaking and then traipsing several miles through the mud was something I never ever do back home. This was the first vacation where instead of feeling sluggish and full of carbs I felt active and full of energy. I was well rested—having slept about 12 hours a night—instead of exhausted from constantly touring and sightseeing. Kauai gave me the opportunity to get outside, step out of my comfort zone, and be fully present in the world around me. This realization allowed me to really make the most of my last couple days and, I have to say, made it one the most unique vacations I had in years.





Kauai Top 5

  1. Waimea Canyon State Park
  2. Pono Market for Poke and Plate Lunch
  3. Kapa’a Bike Bath
  4. Kayak/Hike Uluwehi Falls
  5. NaPali Coast Cruise

Wimea Canyon


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Uluwehi Falls


Napali Coast Kauai

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