Coffee Talk | 2016 Year in Review

Oh goodness, we made it.

I don’t need to tell you what a wild ride this last year was. Between political turmoil and personal struggle it’s safe to say we all had a small piece of us believing in the curse of 2016. In an exercise in optimism I’m bring you a list of the most out-of-this-world amazing things that happened in the last year.

  1. Big trees and conquering fears

  1. Such



  1. The kids who showed me how much I want to teach

  1. Saying goodbye to a foot of hair

  1. Welcoming rock climbing into my life

  1. The year of brunch

  1. Exploring Kauai with my favorite folks

  1. Starting my social media internship + job

  1. Bringing this adorable face into my family

  1. Swiss sunshine

  1. Prague. Don’t even get me started

  1. Adventures in Utah with a long-time friend


Okay, there we go. Optimism!

I started 2016 with that same over-the-top set of resolutions, goals, and lists that I make every year. In the past, monthly themes and action steps worked well for me. If they work well for you, you can check 2016 out here.

Unfortunately, just a few months into 2016, I was hit with a tsunami-sized reality check that not every event could be planned and accounted for. The amazing highlights you see above were punctuated with anxiety and pressure to reach perfection. I had panic attacks relaxing on the beach in Kauai and I obsessed for three months about the decision to let go of my hair.

I over planned. And it totally backfired.

This year I went back and forth about whether I should even set any resolutions at all. I have always loved the challenge they give me to improve throughout the year, but I also know that we face enough pressure from the world without adding to it with arbitrary goals.

This year, I’m trying out the One Little Word idea, which you can read about here. Just like setting a daily intention at the end of a yoga practice, this one little word will guide me through the year.

You can read about my one little word in this post.

I still have so many goals and dreams and things to accomplish, but I’m not tying them to a “fresh start” anymore. Here’s to letting go in 2017 and making a new set of unbelievable memories.

Embrace the journey, and happy 2017!

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