One Little Word for 2017

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.”


I woke up on New Year’s Day with flu. I’m talking body aches, migraines, and a nasty cough. The whole bit.

Now, I’m usually not superstitious or anything, but there was absolutely no way to keep me from taking this as a bad sign. An “oh, crap. 2017 is already shaping up to be the worst year of my life,” kind of sign.

I spent the next week holed up alone in my apartment, finishing the last two seasons of Gilmore Girls, and desperately thinking about all the work I was physically unable to get done. My goal to do yoga every day in January flew out the window and I planned and stressed about how I would complete my traditional New Year blog posts, meal preps, and journals while getting ready for school to start.

Fast forward to exactly halfway into January and I am just now writing this 2017 blog post. Enter, my One Little Word for the year.


When I spent the first two weeks of the New Year completely unable to exercise, eat healthy, plan, or reflect it was so easy to be down on myself. But by embracing the fact that I needed to rest in order to recover, I was able to get better in time to return to work and school. I could have given up on January 2nd and thrown my goals aside, but there are still 350 days from right now that are just waiting to be enjoyed.

Being in your early 20s is hard. This is an insanely tremulous time in personal development and it seems like there are a thousand decisions to be made all at once. The battle between settling into adulthood and savoring your youth is constant, which makes it so easy to find yourself unhappy with where you are. You want to travel and explore and have fun while having a Pinterest-worthy apartment and an Instagram-worthy wardrobe. But time and resources and money make having it all more of a dream than a reality.

Well this year I’m embracing it.

Let me tell you, as a type-A micro-managing perfectionist this is no easy task.

As I prepare to graduate from college, move in with my boyfriend, start grad school, and begin student teaching all within the next year, this idea seems scary relevant. I’m showing up ready to embrace: failure, mistakes, change, struggle, love, vulnerability, opportunity, and being unbelievably broke just to name a few. I’m embracing the chaos. I’m embracing the change. I’m embracing this season of my life that is so far from perfect.

Read more about my new take on the New Year here.

Embrace the journey,

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