Coffee Talk: Life After Undergrad

Here we are, a little over half way through 2017 and one month post-graduation. Here, I find myself standing on pretty rocky ground.

I don’t know where I expected to be or what I expected to be doing, but I know that where I am right now isn’t exactly it. This first half of 2017 has easily been the most challenging of my life and not just in the way folks say, “Man, this year’s been a real bitch.” More like in the earth-shattering, epiphany-having, oh-my-God-what-am-I-doing-with-my-life kind of way.

Not to be dramatic or anything.

I find it really hard to write in times like this. If I don’t trust myself in control of my own life, I don’t see why someone else would read my stories, take my advice, or try my recipes. My writing is now jaunty and unedited; likely in a form of rebellion against the overly-structured essays I now get to leave behind. These details leave the blog feeling more like a diary than a true reflection of my years of experience in copywriting, SEO, and social media (sorry, my future employers). Blogging as an industry has started feeling stale and I’ve really had to address what I’m trying to do with this space

In the spring, sensing the changes that came with graduation and a general personal crisis, I worked hard to rebrand the blog. This blog has had a few names in the past but The Hungry & Foolish is something that underlines my two truest goals in life: to soak up every experience and not take myself to seriously.

Not taking myself too seriously is likely the biggest challenge I’ve faced in the month since graduation. Every corner of every screen is filled with engagements, travels, new jobs— hell, any job at all— friends, babies, puppies, tanned-skin and adventures. As if writing wasn’t hard enough, the comparison made it hard to get out of bed, harder to find silver-linings, and impossible to relax. Eventually I had to stop, unwind, unfollow. I had to turn off the noise.

Now I’m writing for myself. I haven’t read a blog post or Instagram caption in weeks and instead have picked up books I want to read for the first time in four years. I’m slowly finding my voice again by trusting my instincts. With my next big adventure just days away, I like to think that maybe this time will be different.

Stay hungry, loves.

Follow me on my next adventure!

I leave for Paris in four days and will be spending the next three weeks in Europe. This will also be my first time going alone on an international flight before meeting up with my parents. If you have any tips for flying solo I’d love to hear them. Au Revoir!

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