About Me

You’ve found me! Welcome to my teeny tiny little corner of the Internet. This is our place to drink a little coffee, talk about our feelings, and bake way, way too many cookies.

You’re probably asking yourself if this is a food, education, or lifestyle blog. The blog is a bit messy, but that’s because I am too. Because I have a little secret for you. You ready?

I may be an aspiring food blogger but cooking is not my passion.

My passion is connecting with others, and food is how I do that.

Do you have any idea how much people love when you make food for them? It is truly the world’s most wonderful and universal peace offering. Just ask my friends, who have received innumerable plates of desserts throughout our college years.

I have a lot of experience running blogs, but not so much with making food. I went to college for business and ended up interning at a little company called Harry & David, where I managed a food blog all about pears. As a result you’ll find I have a slight obsession with fruit recipes. While at HD I fell absolutely in love with cooking and entertaining…and fell completely out-of-love with working in business. I’m now getting ready to start a master’s program for education to become a high school social studies teacher while working every day to grow this little website. Each recipe you see on here is a result of A LOT of trial and error. It’s all delicious, I promise. I travel a bit more than your average 21-year old, so most of the recipes are inspired by my German roots and my trips abroad.


This is my attempt to carry over that oh-so-quoted Stanford Address into my daily life. The business student in me will never let my Steve Jobs fangirl die, and I’ve watched that speech at least once a month since 2005. Weekly when I was a senior in college. I blog to stay literally and figuratively hungry. Oh, and maybe take myself a little less seriously.

I write completely unrelated posts about my life here. While it’s not very likely you find this interesting, it’s where I can throw all my thoughts on the Internet to keep from going insane.

Currently, I live in Southern Oregon with my boyfriend of 8 years (yes, we’re high school sweethearts, and I’ve written a sappy post or two about that). In my incredibly rare spare time I’m almost always in the rock gym or practicing yoga. I drink more coffee than I should and have never met a whiskey or white wine that I didn’t like {#liquiddiet}. I strive to eat peanut butter every day, I happy-sad-angry cry more than anyone you have ever met, waffles are my favorite food, and I am a very proud cat-parent to my adorable fur-baby, Augustus.

This is Gus, isn’t he the cutest?!!?! … I’m crying.

I’m so glad you decided to drop by. If you feel like saying hi you can totally contact me, because I adore making new friends. Or, shoot me an email at thehungryfoolish [at] gmail [dot] com. Everything I post can also be found on Pinterest and Instagram, my original Internet homes.